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[28 May 2016 | No Comment | ]

Father John Walsh

I would like to begin by expressing an assumption I believe is important.  Religion distances itself from people when faith does not touch their daily lives.  I believe it is also important to remember the corollary that when faith touches the everyday lives of people they can say their faith is expressed in the name of their religion.
History is ripe with confusion about the meaning of religion and the meaning of faith and their relationship to one another.  Religion is the ritual expression …

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Have you noticed the number of commercials on television in which children are demeaned? There is one about a remote being offered to a number of children. They all reach for it. No one can reach it because it is held above their heads. Then voilà! They scream, oh my gosh, now they can use their mobile devices because they will each have one. Children should not be treated this way. One remote. Who gets it? It shouldn’t be a fight for it. Children …

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[22 Apr 2016 | No Comment | ]

Father John Walsh

Is there a dark age in our future?
Jane Jacobs in Dark Age Ahead wrote that first we must concede that things are awry. Jacobs identifies five central pillars of our society that show serious signs of decay: community and family; higher education; science and technology; governmental representation; and self-regulation of the learned professions. Jacobs maintains that they are in the process of becoming irrelevant. If that happens, we will no longer recognize ourselves.
Yuval Noah Harrari in Sapiens — A Brief History of Humankind …

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[11 Apr 2016 | No Comment | ]

Rabbi Michael Whitman

Many of us observe a particular faith with particular observances. Many of those observances convey values and principles that are common to all of us. Understanding these connections can deepen our observances and create understanding notwithstanding our differences. Jews world-wide are immersed in preparing for Passover, which begins Friday night, April 22. This poetic message, written by my dear friend Abe Mezrich, captures the essence of Passover in a way that can connect all of us, regardless of our particular faith.
Joseph’s brothers cast Joseph …

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[6 Apr 2016 | No Comment | ]

Imam Dr. Zijad Delic

Many spiritual and intellectual leaders of the global human family urge everyone to renew their efforts to achieve mutual understanding and openness among all faiths; a benefit for the entire human family. Canadians are members of that global family and they share an obligation to work for the common good, to do justice, act in solidarity, and – sometimes the hardest of all – to forgive one another’s failings.
All the foundational scriptures of world religions stress these four obligations as …